Mr Tubs – Is Pork Crackling Healthy for you?

Is pork crackling healthy? Two-thirds of all the fat in pork scratching is actually beneficial for heart health, with 13 per cent of its fat coming from stearic acid, a type of saturated fat that doesn’t raise cholesterol levels. Pork crackling was recently ranked highly on the BBC list because of its high content of B vitamins and minerals.

Mr Tubs pork crackling comes in air tight tubs or foil fresh bags which can be stored for up to 3-6 months (if stored correctly) and with the oxodegradable pouches coming soon making it even easier for you to limit yourself to just snacking on meaning you can control portions and how much you indulge.

Pork crackling is also well known for giving you a lot of energy but little amounts of fat. Typically a single pork crackling contains hardly any fat so as long as amounts are well controlled they are a good snack, and will be well enjoyed without the fear of damaging your healthy lifestyle.