We are now currently of the Good Old Traditional Tubs, Teasingly Hot Chilli Tubs and Mixed Variants Tubs. 

However we do still have the Good Old Traditional and the Teasingly Hot Chilli available in our Big Flavour Box, although these do come in smaller amounts as they are packaged in our 28g foil fresh bags. 

The Big Flavour Box can also be used as a substitute for the mixed variants as it includes four different flavours such as Good Old Traditional, Zingy Salt & Vinegar, Teasingly Hot Chilli and Honey Roast. Although these are served in smaller portions due to them being packaged in the foil bags (28g) however there are three bags of each of these four flavours. 

Don’t worry it isn’t all bad news…. We do have some exciting news coming soon that we think you should keep your eyes peeled for.