Well after an amazing weekend last weekend we can’t wait to see this weekend’s matches as Ireland and Wales battle it out, Scotland and England go head to head and France play against Italy. 

Mr Tubs are hoping that all of our Hogsquad members get themselves ready for the games with some of our pork crackling and pork scratchings. If you are wanting to TRY something different then this week we recommend our premium double hand cooked pork crackling and Hobsons Beer carry case gift. 

This carry case includes 3 of Mr Tubs pork crackling tubs. These are the Good Old Traditional, Zingy Salt & Vinegar and Smokey BBQ with this there is a range of flavours available for all of our pork crackling lovers to try. With the Good Old Traditional having the classic British flavour it is perfect for someone who isn’t feeling quite as adventurous.

If you are one of the daredevils who fancies something different then test our Smokey BBQ or our Zingy Salt & Vinegar and see which score points for your taste buds. This is a great purchase to make if you are holding a small gathering or going to be watching the matches alone. 

Including the Hobsons Old Henry is a rich auburn ale, this has been made to hold complex malty flavours and a rich flavour that gets balanced out by a clean finish making it extremely appealing for both new and old customers. This ale is perfect to help wash down them salty snacks.

Keep an eye out to see what we recommend for the third weekend of ruthless rugby matches as it is bound to be back with a bang after a well deserved week off!