Pork Crackling v Pork Scratchings: What’s The Difference?

We often get asked, Hey, what’s the difference between pork crackling and pork scratchings? Let Mr Tubs explain!

Pork scratchings are typically made from lower quality pieces of rind, and typically from any part of the rind. Scratchings are usually only cooked once, giving the famous inconsistency of very hard bits or very soft bits, and occasionally, hairy bits!

In making our flavoured pork crackling we use a very particular type of high grade rind, and from the supplest part of the rind. Our rind is removed by hand, not by machine. We then cook our crackling twice, to create a delicious supple texture; without the aforementioned draw backs of scratchings!

Put simply, we believe pork crackling provides a higher quality taste with that crunchy crisp finish. You could say crackling is a cut above the rest!