Mr Tubs – How many calories are in Pork Crackling?

Do you know how many calories are in pork crackling? Pork crackling contains protein and 43% unsaturated fat and another 13% is steraic acid (non-harmful and doesn’t raise cholesterol levels). It also contains oleic acid which is a healthy fat. It has recently been discovered that pork crackling is now classed as a “superfood” and two thirds of the fats are healthy for the heart and extremely beneficial to the body.

Mr Tubs Good Old Traditional pork crackling only contains 385 calories per tub which is 55g. Mr Tubs has 5 other flavours which contain the same amount of calories per 55g plus the Honey Roast which has 387 calories.

Crackling is made up from a pork belly that gets scored and has salt rubbed into it to increase flavour and help absorb any moisture. Mr Tubs includes a selection of ingredients to make the variety of flavours that they have available; although these include extra ingredients the calorie intake does not change.  Mr Tubs bags of crackling contain 196 calories per bag which is 28g however this doesn’t apply for the Honey Roast which contains 197 calories.

With a choice of flavour and size you are able to control the intake of calories and maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst snacking on one of Britain’s most popular snacks. Mr Tubs pork crackling also has a best before date of 3-6 months, meaning it can stay fresh for a long time if stored correctly.